About Us

Model My Aircraft was created from a passion for all things aviation and model making. Our aim is to produce easy to assemble, accurate models – with the attention to detail coming  from the people who fly them. 

14 years of experience flying for one of Europe’s largest Airlines and a previous career as a model maker for one of London’s leading architecture firms ensures our models are high quality and have detail that only a pilot would notice. 

11 years experience training and examining airline flight crews inspired us to give an insight into the inner workings of a modern day flight deck. See our QRH (Quick Reference Handbook) inspired, colour assembly instructions. 

All of our models are produced from high quality birch plywood at our workshop – here in the UK. This is where the models are designed, ensuring personalisation (available as you order) and custom requests are possible – Contact Us.

Earn your Model My Aircraft wings. Each model includes a set of wooden wings, which can be attached with a safety pin. The first step of each build, to ensure they are ready to wear by the time you have finished.