About Us

Model My Wheels was created from a passion for all things automotive and model making. Our aim is to immortalise the new wheel day feeling, with an exhibit that makes you smile every time you see it. This is how our story begun…

17th August 2017, a bitter sweet day. I’d bought my first set of iconic wheels, Countach phone dial’s. I couldn’t wait to get them on the car, but it seemed a shame to put tyres on them. Rare and pristine, if only there was a way of exibiting them forever in this state…

2020. Lockdown. Time to persue projects. With the help of JN visuals our first prototype wheels were 3D printed taking 14 days. At this point it was a personal project for a display space in my home.

Almost a month later of filling, sanding, priming and painting. Relations begin with a UK engineering firm to manufacture the aluminium wheel lug colar inserts, and centre cap. This photo was posted on social media to display my lockdown project. I was inundated with messages asking to purchase.

The Exhibit. The vision realised. My pristine wheels immortalised, and on display. 

The journey doesn’t end here. So many more iconic wheels to make. I’ve Modelled My Wheels, let me model yours.